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ETMC Specialty Hospital

Long-term acute care

The ETMC Specialty Hospital began its tradition of providing care to medically complex patients in 1994. Today, supported by a comprehensive staff of physicians and healthcare professionals, we offer long-term, acute care as part of our mission to serve the people of East Texas.

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We are uniquely prepared to treat patients recovering from catastrophic injury or illnesses requiring complex medical care.


Located on the fifth floor of East Texas Medical Center Tyler, we treat many patients who have multi-system failure and require mechanical ventilation or require extended therapies, including physical, occupational or speech therapy. Because of their complex conditions, our patients require daily physician monitoring and more intensive nursing care than a skilled facility or medical-surgical unit can deliver.

Our therapies include: 

  • Complex medical care
  • Respiratory care
  • Ventilator monitoring and weaning
  • Cardiac monitoring and intravenous medication
  • Oncology care, chemotherapy administration and radiation therapy
  • Complex wound care, whirlpool and hyperbaric oxygen
  • Low-intensity rehabilitation

Advanced Techniques: 

  • Ventilator monitoring/weaning
  • Cardiac monitoring/intravenous cardiac medication
  • Chemotherapy administration - radiation therapy
  • Complex wound care, whirlpool and hyperbaric oxygen


Patient stayPatients stay at our facility for an average of 25 days and are referred to us by physicians, case managers, social workers and other referral sources. For some patients, their stay with us will be transitional, serving as a preparatory period to another level of care, such as a rehabilitation hospital, skilled nursing facility or home.

Our services are covered by Medicare, Workmen's Compensation, private pay and most insurance plans.