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About Our Course

East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System Ropes Course


The ETMC Behavioral Health Center Changing Courses program allows groups of all kinds an opportunity to build trust, teamwork and self-esteem by working together to complete the specially-designed course.

Utilizing poles, ropes, pulleys, walls and platforms, groups of participants face challenging physical and emotional activities. All Changing Courses events are facilited by challenge course facilitators and therapists.

The experiential ropes program offers participants an opportunity to work within their group to overcome obstacles and learn to work with others to achieve a common goal. Participants are assisted in expressing feelings and insights before, during and after the experience. The confidence gained from these experiences assists participants in overcoming fears that interfere with healthy communication.

Changing Courses is available to business, industry and organizations who would like to enhance cooperation, communication, team building and problem solving within their groups. They can learn to work together while recognizing the special abilities of each individual group member.

Who's been on the course?

  • Business
  • Youth groups
  • Scout troups
  • School groups
  • Churches
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