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ETMC Rehabilitation Center

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General Patient Information


Below is general information for patients, friends and families about visiting hours, telephone and mail contact, parking and related matters.


Telephones are located in each patient bedroom area for individual patient use. To dial a local number, it is necessary to dial a "9" first, pause, then dial the phone number desired. To place a long distance call, access the switchboard by dialing "0." Check with a staff member to find out your bedroom area's phone number.


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The ETMC Rehabilitation Center offers parking garage located behind the ETMC Rehabilitation Center. Family members and guests may park in the garage at these rates:

• $2.00 for up to one hour
• $3.50 for up to two hours
• $5.00 for up to three hours
• $6.50 for up to four hours
• $7 for more than four hours, up to midnight of the day you enter the garage. At midnight, the hourly rate starts over.

The parking garage is manned by attendants from 8 a.m. to midnight, but we also accept credit/debit cards for your convenience; so you can exit at anytime.

Patient Mail 

In order for mail to be delivered on a timely basis, please use the following address while in the ETMC Rehabilitation Center:

Patient Name
Room Number
ETMC Rehabilitation Center
701 Olympic Plaza Circle
Tyler, TX 75701

Patient e-mail

Patient e-mails should be sent via the rehab form on our patient e-mail page.

Visiting Hours 

Friends and family may visit from 4 to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and after therapy on the weekends. Additional times may be scheduled on an individual basis for special family or caregiver input and education.


Upon the recommendation of the physicians of the Smith County Medical Society, the ETMC Board of directors has adopted a smoke-free policy that prohibits smoking at the ETMC Rehabilitation Center and the surrounding campus, including ETMC Tyler. Smoking and the use of tobacco products are prohibited in patient rooms, as well as dining areas, waiting rooms, elevators, hallways and restrooms.


For your safety, ETMC security personnel are on duty at all times. Security cameras are located at all major entrances and throughout the ETMC Rehabilitation Center, as well. If you encounter a problem or need assistance from security, please call 531-8800 for assistance, or the hospital operator (0). After hours, the ETMC Rehabilitation Center will be locked. Entrance on the west side of the Center (nearest to the parking garage) is allowed via telephone.