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Rehab Team


At the ETMC Rehabilitation Center we believe the most important team members in the rehabilitation process are the patient and family who must be involved in the planning, decision-making and treatments during the rehabilitation process.

Our core rehabilitation team includes the following clinical and operational specialists:

Physiatrists oversee each patient's course of rehabilitation and medical treatment. A physiatrist is a physician trained and specializing in physical medicine diagnostics and the rehabilitation of disabilities as a result of an accident or illness. A physiatrist oversees the patient's medical care and provides information to the patient, family and personal physician.

Occupational Therapists assist patients in caring for themselves and regaining daily living skills as well as helping with home evaluations, equipment and post-discharge needs. As part of the initial evaluation, the occupational therapist will also evaluate needs at home, work, school and in the community.

Physical Therapists develop patients' strength, mobility and endurance as well as relieve pain through exercise, and assist with home evaluations, equipment and post-discharge needs.

Psychologists help patients and families deal with the multitude of necessary adjustments through family counseling and training. If the patient's memory function, learning ability or emotional adjustment has been affected, a psychologist will work with the patient to determine the need for further evaluation and make treatment suggestions.

Rehabilitation Nurses assist persons with disability and chronic illness in attaining maximum functional ability, maintaining optimal health and adapting to an altered lifestyle. Working with patients toward one goal of independence, rehabilitation nurses are specially trained to provide the necessary care and treatment in the rehabilitation setting and contribute to many aspects of patient therapy.

Speech/Language Pathologists help patients overcome difficulties in communicating, thinking/thought organization and swallowing problems. Based on information obtained in an initial communication evaluation, the speech/language pathologist will design a treatment plan and will assist the patient's family with learning how they can help in the recovery.

Case Managers and Social Workers serve as liaisons for the patient and family throughout the rehabilitation stay and coordinate discharge plans, offering education, support and counseling. Each patient is assigned a case manager who helps develop a comprehensive care plan.

Based on each patient's personal independence plan, other professionals will supplement this team as their services are required, including physicians, physician assistants, chaplains, prosthetists/orthotists, pharmacists, dieticians and nutritionists. Respiratory therapy staff and pharmacy services are provided “in house.” Diagnostic imaging and laboratory services are provided by contract with ETMC Tyler. These services are readily accessible on the shared ETMC Tyler campus providing optimal timeliness of response to orders and results.