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Radiology Prep and Holding

ETMC Tyler Radiology has a support area we call Radiology Prep and Holding where we're able to help patients who may not normally be able to tolerate some
exams. We help them get through procedures with specialized nursing support.

Our nursing staff has experience in the handling of patients who are going to
have imaging procedures, and they are involved in post procedure care as well.
Standing orders by the radiologists can be implemented for patients who
require IM/PO sedation.

The patient is assessed by nurses prior to the administering of sedation (or medications). This includes completing the MRI safe screening form, a nursing assessment,
making sure any labs that are needed are completed prior to test and starting an
IV if necessary.

With this service, we provide total care for the sedated patient.
We prefer to manage the patient rather than have them self medicate prior to

Self-Medication Issues
Self medication does not always work, can be taken too early (or too late), and
it may interfere with the screening forms that need to be completed. If a patient has self medicated before completion, it creates the need for a family member to complete it, and we may not get a history that is as acurate.

To ensure patient safety, when we find out that the patient will be self medicating,
we take them to RPH. Because we are concerned with patient safety, this will
often delay the patient’s procedure time.