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ETMC Neurological Institute

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For a referral to one of these physicians, contact the institute at 800-728-2702 or request a referral.

Members Listed Alphabetically


Andrews, John P., MD
Boyne, Robert, MD
Brish, Eldor, MD
Callender, Troy A., MD
Collins, Lester B., MD
Detwiler, Paul W., MD
Donaldson, Ronald J., MD
Gaddy, Bob, MD
Garb, Howard S., MD
 Hayes, Thomas K., MD
Heaton, Steuart L., MD
Hudnall, John F., MD


Lamb, Scott, MD

Ledlie, Jon T., MD

Lewis, Michael R., MD
Mongare, Job, MD



By Specialty

Ear, Nose and Throat

Troy A. Callender, MD
Howard S. Garb, MD
Steuart L. Heaton, MD
John F. Hudnall, MD
Michael R. Lewis, MD

Boyne, Robert L., MD
Collins, Lester B., MD
Gominak, Stasha, MD
Plotkin, George M., PhD,MD
Laura Wu, MD, PhD

Rath, Barry W., PhD

Andrews, John P., MD
Gaddy, Bob, MD
Hayes, Thomas K., MD

Neuroradiology (Interventional)
Reuland, Kurt S., MD

Paul W. Detwiler, MD
Ledlie, Jon T., MD
Grahm, Thomas W., MD
Renfro, Mark B. MD

Conservative Spine Treatment
Kenneth R. Kemp, Jr., MD

Sleep Medicine 
David Jones, MD
Raymond C. Perkins, MD