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When you're diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, the Mammosite Radiation Therapy System offers radiation treatment that's completed in days, rather than weeks, with potentially fewer side effects.

The Mammosite Radiation Therapy System is the most widely used method of partial breast irradiation. It works by delivering radiation from inside the breast directly to the tissue where cancer is most likely to recur.

Usually, breast conservation therapy includes the removal of the cancerous tumor, called a lumpectomy, followed by seven weeks of external beam radiation therapy. For some patients, it's difficult to complete that two months of therapy.

Since this therapy can be completed in up to five days, many women find it easier physically and emotionally.


With Mammosite RTS, a catheter is implanted into the breast at the site of the lumpectomy and a balloon is inflated inside the breast.

A radioactive source is then placed in the catheter to deliver treatment directly to the tissue where cancer is most likely to recur.

Mammosite does not replace whole breast irradiation in women who need that treatment.

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