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Knee and Leg Articles


A Patient's Experience with Arthritis of the Knees

A Patient's Experience with Osteoarthritis of the Knees

A Patient's Experience with Torn ACL

A Patient's Experience with Vitamin D Deficiency/Fragility Fracture

ACL Injury: Should it be fixed?

Activities After a Knee Replacement

Additional Resources on the Knee

Adolescent Anterior Knee Pain

Anesthesia for Hip & Knee Surgery

Arthritis of the Knee

Artritis de la Rodilla (Arthritis of the knee)

Athletic Shoes

Bowed Legs

Burning Thigh Pain (Meralgia paresthetica)

Care of Casts and Splints

Care of the Aging Knee: Baby Boomers May Need Lifestyle Changes

Cemented and Cementless Knee Replacement

Compartment Syndrome

Cuidado de un yeso o una férula (Care of casts and splints)

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Desgarro Meniscal (Mensical Tear)

Ejercicio después de Reemplazo de Rodilla (Knee replacement exercises)

Ejercicios después de artroscópica (Knee Arthroscopy Exercises)

Fractures of the Proximal Tibia

Frequently Asked Questions about Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Goosefoot (Pes Anserine) Bursitis of the Knee

Growth Plate Fractures

Hamstring Muscle Strain

How to Use Crutches, Canes and Walkers

Knee Arthroscopy

Knee Arthroscopy Exercise Guide

Knee Implants

Knee Ligament Injuries

Knee Replacement Exercise Guide

Kneecap (Prepatellar) Bursitis

Limb Length Discrepancy

Meniscal Tear

Meniscal Transplants

Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement

Muscle Strains in the Thigh

Osgood-Schlatter Disease (Knee Pain)

Osteonecrosis of the Knee

Osteotomy and Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty

Pediatric Thighbone (Femur) Fracture

Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Tear

Reconstruccion del Ligamento Cruzado Anterior (ACL Reconstruction)

Reemplazo total de la rodilla

Runner's Knee (Patellofemoral Pain)

Shin Splints

Shinbone Fractures

Stress Fractures

Surgical Treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

The Impact of Osteoarthritis of the Knee

The Knee

Thighbone Fracture

Total Knee Replacement

Unstable Kneecap

Viscosupplementation Treatment for Arthritis

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