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ETMC Tyler Transplant Center

Your path to a better life


Hear the life-changing experiences of some of ETMC's kidney transplant recipients.

Ken Lawson, a Smith County jailer, was diagnosed with kidney disease when he was 45. In this news story from CBS 19, he explains how he was given a second chance with a kidney transplant at ETMC.

Stephanie Baeza believes her entire life changed following her transplant. “Since I’ve had my transplant I’ve done very well—extremely well. I feel good all the time, not like I used to. I was on dialysis almost three years.”

Sharon White, 65, has been diabetic for 25 years. Ten days after losing her husband she found out she had kidney disease. She decided on a transplant after spending time on dialysis. "It just gives you back your normal life that you didn't have before. ... It's just a life changing thing."