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An independent lifestyle is important to most individuals who live alone in Tyler and East Texas.LifeLine Unfortunately, the possibility of an emergency often limits the security and person freedom valued by the handicapped, the elderly and others recovering from surgery or coping with an illness.

To provide security and personal freedom for those affected by illness or disability, ETMC Home Health maintains a system called LifeLine which provides a 24-hour electronic system for those in need.

LifeLine FAQ

What is LifeLine?
LifeLine is an electronic signaling system monitored by trained dispatchers on a 24-hour basis. When an emergency signal is received, these dispatchers have instant access to vital information about the subscriber and explicit instructions on how to proceed in each individual case. The subscriber receives a fast response to the emergency and, within minutes, help is on the way.

What equipment is involved?
The equipment consists of two parts:
(1) a base component which is connected to the telephone line at the subscriber's home, and
(2) a small transmitter, which is effective up to 200 feet from the base component. It may be worn around the neck or clipped to a belt.

How does the system work?
When a subscriber needs help at home, he or she pushes a button on the portable transmitter. This triggers the base component which sends an electronic message (via telephone) to the emergency response system at the Central Monitoring Station. The subscriber is identified by his or her personal code, which appears on the screen. The dispatcher immediately has available a complete profile of the subscriber, which includes names of responders, medications being
taken, allergies, name of doctor, medical history, family members to contact, etc. With this information, the dispatcher will call the subscriber to see what type of assistance is needed and can direct needed services efficiently and promptly.

What if the subscriber is unable to answer the phone?
Responders are summoned to assist when the dispatcher's call is unanswered. Responders are friends, neighbors or relatives willing to help in an emergency. Each subscriber lists the names, addresses and telephone numbers of selected responders on a subscriber information card when the system is installed. They become part of the profile that the dispatcher calls upon in the event of an emergency signal. The responders are backed up by community service agents such as emergency medical systems, the police and fire departments.

When the responder arrives at the subscriber's home, he or she calls the Central Monitoring Station and reports the situation. The LifeLine dispatcher then determines whether additional help is necessary and acts accordingly.

Who benefits from LifeLine?
The subscriber is, of course, the primary beneficiary through the security and personal freedom gained by using LifeLine. They no longer fear being unable to summon help in the event of an emergency. But relatives and friends also benefit. They gain peace of mind knowing that their loved one has around-the-clock contact with LifeLine for any emergency that may arise.

Are there restrictions to receiving the LifeLine system?
LifeLine is not limited by distance. It can be used anywhere, nationwide. Anywhere there is a telephone line, LifeLine can be installed and serviced. Because LifeLine "captures" your phone line when activated, FCC regulations state you must have a private line.

What are the costs for LifeLine?
There is only a nominal monthly monitoring fee. There is no charge for installation or equipment rental.

How can I receive LifeLine?
Call ETMC Home Health and we will answer any questions and make the necessary arrangements to install the unit for you. 1-800-256-7091