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ETMC Cardiovascular Institute

First in the hearts of East Texas

Cardiovascular Surgery


The cardiovascular operating rooms of the ETMC Cardiovascular Institute are composed of two specially-equipped operating suites, which are physically connected to the cardiac catheterization lab. They are located within the 27,000 sq ft. addition built in 1993.

This innovative design is the result of the close collaboration between physicians, architects and other healthcare professionals who worked as a team to develop the center. The ETMC Cardiovascular Institute is the first in East Texas to use this unique arrangement, which provides close proximity for increased safety in treating critical cardiac patients.

The ETMC cardiac surgery staff is composed of registered nurses and operating room technicians who have had extensive training in cardiovascular surgical techniques.

Sometimes coronary arteries are too small to allow a bypass graft to be attached. For these situations, transmyocardial revascularization (TMR) may offer new hope.

In TMR, the heart surgeon uses a specialized laser to create very small channels in the heart muscle in the area where the blood supply is decreased. The creation of these channels stimulates the heart to make new blood vessels in that same area. As these new blood vessels grow, they bring oxygen to the heart muscle and may also bring relief from angina (chest pain).

The ETMC Cardiovascular Institute was the highest enrolling center in one of the studies that led to the approval of this exciting new procedure.