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ETMC Cancer Institute

We treat cancer. We care for people.

Inpatient Care

ETMC Oncology Unit

We believe that you, as the patient, are the most important member of the healthcare team, and we encourage you to participate in decisions regarding your care. The other members of the team include physicians, nursing staff and other support personnel such as physical therapists, nutritionists, a cancer resource coordinator and financial counselors.

For more information about ETMC Tyler's Oncology Unit, please contact:
ETMC HealthFirst Line
903-531-8890 or 800-648-8141
Laura Scritchfield, RN, Unit Director
Tawana Burgess, RN, Clinical Manager Oncology

Welcome to the East Texas Medical Center Cancer Institute's inpatient oncology unit, located in ETMC Tyler in Tyler, Texas. The 6-north unit is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, providing you with the latest in medical technology in a caring and nurturing environment. The oncology unit consists of 36 private rooms. The unit strives to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of its patients and families through a variety of programs and services.

Resource Library
The resource library provides books, pamphlets and other health information. These materials may be checked out for use during hospitalization. In addition, a variety of complimentary brochures and self-help material are available to assist families through the cancer experience.

Because diversional activities are important in coping with illness and hospitalization, a portable cart which includes games, music and magazines may be brought to your room upon request.

Support Services
The ETMC Cancer Institute provides ongoing support groups to assist patients and families throughout the cancer care. These sessions provide emotional support, strategies for self-care and an opportunity to meet other patients and families with similar challenges. Support group schedules are placed in each room for your review. The ETMC Cancer Institute provides a Cancer Resource Coordinator who facilitates the support groups and is also available on the unit to provide individual emotional support. She may be contacted through the unit's nursing staff.

Visiting hours are flexible. Each patient's family members and friends are encouraged to participate with the healthcare team in providing care and support. One family member is encouraged to stay with the patient at night, and rollaway beds are available upon request.

Discharge planning begins upon admission. A case manager, who assists with the planning for post-hospitalization needs, works with insurance companies and third party payors to minimize cost to the patient. She can also assist with nursing homes, other extended care facilities, home health and hospice needs.

A central figure in your care is the oncologist a physician specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Since effective communication is essential in the healthcare process, you and your family are encouraged to talk frankly to your physician and ask questions about your healthcare concerns.

Nursing Staff
Our caring and knowledgeable nursing staff is specially trained in meeting the needs of patients with cancer. Many of our nurses have attained national certification in oncology nursing, which reflects their skill and commitment to cancer care. In addition, specially-trained nurse aides help take care of the physical needs of our patients.

Other Healthcare Professionals
Other healthcare professionals who may be involved in your care include physical therapists, nutritionists, social workers, financial counselors, respiratory therapists and the chaplain.