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Our patient admitting office, located on the first floor adjacent to the hospital lobby, is your first stop when you come to ETMC Athens. Upon your arrival, a representative will assist you with the admission process. When children are admitted, we require a parent stay with the child throughout their hospital stay. Meals and sleeping accommodations are provided for the parent.

Patient Confidentiality
Patients may request confidential status at the time of their admission. Otherwise, the patient's room number can be released to callers and flowers and mail will be delivered to the room.

When You Arrive
The admitting representative will ask for information needed to complete your records and to verify your insurance coverage. At the time of your admission, you will be asked to present your insurance information and sign medical and/or surgical consent-for-treatment forms. You may also be requested to make financial arrangements (pay a deposit).

What to Bring
You may want to bring your personal pajamas, robe and slippers, along with a toothbrush, toothpaste, containers for eyeglasses or contact lenses, comb and brush and other personal toiletries. Please bring a current list of your medications and dosages.

What Not to Bring
We ask that you do not bring any electrical appliances, heating pads, televisions, radios, etc., due to federal and state regulations. Cellular phones can interfere with hospital equipment. Please do not bring cellular phones into the hospital.

All jewelry and money, other than small change, should be left at home. The hospital is not responsible for money and other valuables kept in your room. When not in use, dentures, eyeglasses and contact lenses should be placed in a protective container, as the hospital cannot be responsible for the breakage or loss of such items. Please do not bring medications from home unless specifically requested by your doctor. If you do need to bring medicines, please inform your nurse when you arrive. Your physician will write new instructions for all medicine and treatments to be used while you are in the hospital.