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ETMC Tyler transplant director starts term as president of Texas Transplantation Society

Dr. Steven Potter, ETMC Tyler kidney transplant surgeon and program director, starts his one-year term in July as president for the Texas Transplantation Society.

The Texas Transplantation Society is a professional association founded in 1987 to facilitate transplantation within the state. The mission is to advance transplantation and organ donation in Texas through education and advocacy with a unified and authoritative voice.

The society has an active advocacy effort with the Texas state legislature, spearheads educational efforts through an annual scientific meeting, and sponsors "Donate Life Day." TTS joins with other national transplantation organizations to advance key legislative efforts at the federal level as well.

The society is composed of members from multiple transplant related fields and disciplines, including members from every transplant program in the state as well as all three organ procurement organizations and all tissue typing laboratories in Texas.

Since the program began in 1987, ETMC has completed 710 kidney transplants.

There are currently 93,000 patients in America waiting for a kidney transplant.