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Phase III of ETMC Fairfield hospital expansion complete

05-08-14 fairfield phase 3Community members joined with representatives of the East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System and the Fairfield Hospital District today to celebrate the opening of the final phase of a multi-year construction and renovation project at ETMC Fairfield

"We are so excited to open this phase of our construction and renovation to the public. With its completion, the people of Fairfield and surrounding communities have what is essentially a new hospital. And, this work has been completed at a fraction of the cost of constructing an entirely new facility," said Ruth "Raz" Cook, FACHE, administrator of ETMC Fairfield.

"The upgrades to our infrastructure and equipment, as well as the expansion and remodeling of our facilities, will make providing healthcare services easier for our staff and provide a more pleasing and comfortable atmosphere for our patients and guests," she said.

The area opened today includes a newly constructed six-room north wing, remodeled areas at the core of the facility and a remodeled east patient wing, as well and infrastructure upgrades.

ETMC, in partnership with the hospital district, funded the nearly $3.7 million final phase of the project. The FHD provided $1.478 million for the project. ETMC provided the remaining $2.2 million.

Phase III

The 4,179-square-foot new north wing includes six rooms -- two intermediate care rooms, observation and isolation rooms, offices for nutrition services and dictation and storage areas.

In the newly renovated east patient wing, 14 inpatient rooms were converted to eight spacious private rooms. The rooms were enlarged to meet today's hospital standards and include new equipment, mechanical systems and furnishings.

The hospital's core was remodeled, which included a major upgrade to the mechanical and infrastructure systems -- replacing and enlarging air handling equipment and much of the electrical circuitry for the area.

As part of the remodel, the dining room was expanded to double its previous size. The area received all new finishes, floors, ceilings and a new entry. The nurses' station was remodeled, corridors received a facelift and a new assisted bathing facility was constructed. In addition, a new waiting area was created for family members and friends of patients undergoing inpatient care or outpatient procedures.

More than 11, 500-square-feet of the existing facility was part of the remodeling project. Fitzpatrick Architects of Tyler was the architect and RPR Construction of Tyler was the contractor.

"This effort would not have been possible without our partnership with the Fairfield Hospital District Board and their support of our efforts to provide the highest quality healthcare to the citizens we serve," said Perry Henderson, senior vice president, ETMC affiliate operations.

Phases I and II

Construction began nearly four years ago on the master facility plan to renew and expand ETMC Fairfield. The first phase involved the expansion and renovation of the hospital's emergency department, which was completed and opened in the fall of 2011. The emergency department now features nine spacious treatment rooms and a light-filled waiting area, while the triage room, located beside the patient reception desk, enables the staff to quickly assess patients.

Phase II, which was dedicated in the fall of 2012, added 11,000 square feet to the hospital's foot print and featured a new front entry with a fountain, extensive landscaping and additional parking, as well as a new ETMC First Physicians clinic, lobby and waiting room.

That addition also houses cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, outpatient registration and an administrative suite featuring offices, a small conference room and a larger board room. Mechanical and electrical system upgrades were included in phase II of the project, as well.

Construction and upgrade expenditures for phases I and II totaled approximately $13 million.