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ETMC Quitman donor wall honors charitable giving

Quitman, Texas - Charitable giving is a cornerstone of support for the not-for-profit ETMC Regional Healthcare System, including the new ETMC Quitman facility.  The opening of the new hospital on July 14 also will introduce a beautiful stone-and-glass recognition wall that honors donors and serves as one of the focal points of the grand lobby.

"Every dollar that ETMC Quitman receives in philanthropic support frees up another dollar that can be applied to health services," noted Elmer G. Ellis, president/CEO of the ETMC Regional Healthcare System.  "We are especially grateful for the supportive role of the Wood County Central Hospital District and its related entity, the Wood County Health Care Foundation."

Warren Robicheaux, ETMC Quitman administrator, explained that - in addition to the Wood County Health Care Foundation - several individuals and organizations contributed to the construction of the new ETMC Quitman.  The new donor wall will preview with engraved glass panels that recognize these donors to the building project. 

"From here, we encourage area residents and organizations to make charitable gifts to the ETMC Quitman Fund, which is designated to support ongoing advances to patient care, community outreach and the facility," he said.  "Contributions to your community hospital are a great way to leave a legacy, especially when gifts are made in honor or memory of others."

The ETMC Foundation, which oversees the ETMC Quitman Fund, welcomes contributions, which can be in the form of cash, securities (such as stock), estate gifts and other means.  Volunteering at ETMC Quitman is another way area residents can contribute to the hospital.

Marty Wiggins, director of the ETMC Foundation, added that giving to the ETMC Quitman Fund represents a lasting contribution toward saving lives and enhancing life for the people and residents of Wood County.

"Any gift to ETMC Quitman comes back to you, your family and your community as it helps ensure that top-quality medical care is there when it's most needed," she noted.  "Every gift - no matter what its size - is important and appreciated because it illustrates that the donor cares about others and the community."

For more information on giving opportunities, contact ETMC Quitman Administration at 903-596-6336 or the ETMC Foundation at 903-596-3645.