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ETMC First Physicians clinic in Trinity utilizes NexTalk communication system

TRINITY, TEXAS - The ETMC First Physicians clinic in Trinity recently utilized NexTalk, a system that allows deaf or hard-of-hearing patients immediate access to easy-to-use, on-demand video sign language interpreters -- making it the first in the ETMC Regional Healthcare System to do so.

"The NexTalk system allowed us to properly communicate with the patient so we could provide the best possible medical care," said ETMC Trinity Administrator Brett Kirkham. "Our patient was relieved to learn that we were equipped to meet and exceed the needs of the hearing impaired."

Through the use of a specially equipped lap-top computer, the patient is able to actually see the interpreter and vice versa. "This enables the patient to feel like they are part of their treatment," Kirkham said. "The Skype-type communication allows everyone to be part of the conversations regarding the patient's condition and treatment."

Using a simple software-based system, NexTalk provides virtually instant access to certified interpreters at the click of a button. The system required no additional phone lines or special equipment for operation of the text telephone (TTY) and/or telecommunication device for the deaf (TDD). NexTalk has a 20-year history of providing communication solutions to support the deaf and hard of hearing.

NexTalk, offered through SpectraCorp, also provides other software-based solutions including video remote interpreting (VRI), video relay service calls (VRS) and text-relay service calls (TRS). According to company representatives, the system works in conjunction with in-house, local and national interpreting networks.