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ETMC Breast Center expands mammography services at ETMC CCL

A fixed digital mammography unit has been added to the services of ETMC Cedar Creek Lake, giving area women much greater convenience in scheduling their annual mammograms.

Previously, digital mammography was provided at the facility by the ETMC mobile mammography unit, however, the unit's busy schedule across East Texas limited its visits to the lake area.

"This is an enhancement of our mammography services, and we are very happy to announce this improvement to the women of the Cedar Creek Lake area," said Renee Lookabaugh, ETMC Cedar Creek Lake facility director. "Screening mammograms are vital for women 40 and older, so it's important that they be as convenient as possible."

The Selenia™ digital mammography system from Hologic® has been added to ETMC Cedar Creek Lake's radiology services, and provides exceedingly sharp images in less time than traditional mammography methods. It is the same technology used at the ETMC Breast Center in Tyler and on the ETMC Mobile Mammography Unit.

Mammograms performed at ETMC Cedar Creek Lake are interpreted by Dr. Michael Klouda, medical director of the ETMC Breast Center in Tyler. Dr. Klouda is board-certified in diagnostic radiology and completed a fellowship in Breast Imaging at the University of Chicago Hospitals. He served on the staff of the Lynn Sage Breast Center at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. His sole focus is the interpretation of breast imaging.

 "Digital mammography is the standard in breast imaging," Dr. Klouda said. "Mammography is the best tool for early detection of breast abnormalities, giving patients a much better chance of survival and leading a long, productive life."

To further interpret mammograms, the R2 ImageChecker Computer-Aided Detection system is used to scan images and mark areas of calcification, distortion and small masses, producing a video display for the radiologist that indicates potential abnormalities which need further study.

The Tyler breast center also serves as the regional resource for additional breast diagnostic care, such as breast ultrasound, MRI and stereotactic breast biopsy.

If cancer is found, patients can immediately begin treatment through the ETMC system, which includes clinical review of cases at a weekly breast tumor conference conducted by a team of specialists. "The breast tumor conference is a team of about 20 doctors-pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists," explained ETMC Cancer Institute Vice President Todd Sigmon. "They meet weekly and every single breast cancer that's identified and detected through our program is discussed and presented for a comprehensive evaluation of what the patient's best treatment options are going to be."

Dr. Klouda further explained: "You're going to receive the same benefit from our multidisciplinary cancer therapy that one might receive from going to, say, Dallas or Houston or one of the major university centers. That level of service, that quality of care, exists right here in Tyler."

To schedule a mammogram at ETMC Cedar Creek Lake, dial 1-800-648-8141 and press "3". A physician's order is not needed to schedule a screening mammogram. Women who have breast implants can schedule their screening mammogram at ETMC Cedar Creek Lake.

The ETMC Breast Center recommends that women have a baseline mammogram at age 35-40, and annual mammograms beginning at age 40. The cost of an annual mammogram is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most health insurance plans.

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