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ETMC Carthage temporarily suspends OB program after loss of physicians

The recent loss of the two physicians who provide obstetrical services has led ETMC Carthage to temporarily suspend maternity services at the hospital, effective Feb. 1, according to Gary Hudson, administrator of ETMC Carthage.

"The sudden and unexpected death of Dr. A. R. Barrett in October, coupled with the recent retirement of Dr. Juliana Alindada, has left ETMC Carthage without the physicians needed to support maternity services at the hospital," Hudson said. "We are actively recruiting new OB/GYN physicians, but until a time when those physicians join our staff, we are suspending maternity services. This is a temporary situation that we hope to resolve quickly."

Patients with 2012 delivery dates have been referred and their medical records transferred to other physicians and hospitals for care.

Women who need an OB physician are encouraged to contact the ETMC First Physicians women's clinic in Henderson at 903-657-3915. Jayshree Patel, MD; Linda Mughrabee, MD; and Marianne Nichols, RN, WHNP-C, provide care at the clinic. Obstetrics services are available at The Birthplace at ETMC Henderson as well, 903-655-3896.