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ETMC Henderson installs new higher resolution MRI

Henderson, Texas – Patients and physicians now can access one of the newest and highest-resolution magnetic resonance imaging scanners available -- the Ingenia 1.5T system from Philips Healthcare – at ETMC Henderson.

The Philips Ingenia 1.5T provides high image quality, increases clinical versatility and improves productivity by shortening MRI exam times. In addition, patients will appreciate its many comfort-related features.

Clinicians have long relied on MRI for its exceptional ability to differentiate various soft tissues. Until now, all MRI systems have utilized analog components for the signal acquisition and processing needed to generate patient images. However, the use of analog components limits image clarity and quality.

ETMC Henderson’s Ingenia 1.5T system introduces, for the first time in MRI, digital signal acquisition and processing directly at the patient. This digital signal acquisition and processing facilitates the delivery of crisp images to help clinicians make informed decisions for a wide range of clinical procedures. Because of the level of detail it provides, the Ingenia 1.5T can assist radiologists and physicians in the earlier diagnosis of a variety of medical conditions, including brain and nervous system disorders, cardiovascular disease and organ disease.

The system also offers a more comfortable patient experience. With a simplified pre-exam setup, and a large 70cm bore, or hole, the system is more comfortable for patients and operators. 

“With a wider bore and a larger field of view, our ability to do scans will increase. We will be able to do a variety of scanning procedures on a variety of patients,” said Aaron Jung, director of radiology at ETMC Henderson.

“We believe that advancements in technology can improve outcomes,” said Mark Leitner, administrator of ETMC Henderson. “The Ingenia 1.5T system we have installed, which also was recently installed at ETMC Tyler, is the very latest technology. It provides exceptional image quality in the most patient-friendly environment. It is of tremendous diagnostic benefit to the community. And, we are pleased to make it available to the people of Henderson and Rusk County.”

Patient referrals may be made by calling 903-655-6535.