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New outpatient clinic offers coagulation monitoring services

Pittsburg, Texas – Providing Pittsburg-area residents in need of coagulation monitoring a local option for receiving those services is the goal of the Outpatient Clinic at ETMC Pittsburg.

Opening Monday, Oct. 24, the clinic will be operated under the direction of Linda Cooper, RN. Cooper has worked in coagulation monitoring for the last 11 years. 


Cooper in Pittsburg coag clinic 
Linda Cooper, RN, prepares to run a coagulation test. 

“We are always looking for ways to better serve the medical needs of our community,” said Dave Bailey, chief operating officer for ETMC Pittsburg. “We took a close look at our patient base and realized that a significant number would benefit from a coagulation monitoring clinic in Pittsburg. So we went to work making it a reality.”

Many patients take anticoagulation medicines like warfarin (brand names Coumadin or Jantoven) to help prevent strokes, blood clots and other medical problems. Appropriate dosing of these drugs is critical, as many medicines, foods and diseases can affect the body’s response to them. Frequent blood tests, often weekly, are required to maintain proper dosing.

At the Outpatient Clinic at ETMC Pittsburg, patients who are referred by their physician for coagulation monitoring will undergo a finger-stick test. The blood sample will be tested to determine how long it takes to clot (the INR result). Based on those results, clinic staff, in consultation with your physician, will determine if medication adjustments are needed.  The entire process usually takes 15 to 20 minutes.

The Outpatient Clinic at ETMC Pittsburg was designed with patient comfort in mind. The clinic is located inside ETMC Pittsburg just steps from the ETMC First Physicians clinics. It is equipped with reclining chairs, a stretcher and a television.

If you are interested in coagulation testing at ETMC Pittsburg, contact your physician for a referral, as a physician’s order is required for testing.