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ETMC Clarksville offers enviable radiology capability 

CLARKSVILLE, Texas —   Years ago, patients expected to travel to large cities for advanced radiology procedures. These days, residents of Red River and Lamar counties can enjoy the convenience and comfort of having these procedures performed close to home, at ETMC Clarksville.

“Caring is a way of life at ETMC Clarksville, and we take our commitment to outstanding service very seriously” said Ray Dees, director of the hospital’s radiology department. “This is especially true in our diagnostic imaging department, where we’re proud to offer the finest in “state-of-the-art” imaging equipment.”

The hospital’s radiology department has a surprising array of technology for a rural hospital. Indeed, it would be the envy of most rural hospitals across the country, with 64-slice CT, MRI, ultrasound and nuclear imaging among the modalities offered. It’s all part of the ETMC system’s philosophy of “pushing” services out into the communities across East Texas where people live. Ray Dees 

CT services
One highlight is the 64-slice CT. “It can produce 64 cross-sectional images of unprecedented diagnostic quality with each rotation, and the entire exam lasts only a few minutes,” Dees said. CT services offered at ETMC Clarksville include, but aren’t limited to, the chest, abdomen, pelvis and head. In addition, CTA – or computerized tomographic angiography – is performed on the carotid artery, chest, abdomen, pelvis and kidneys, as well as the lower and upper extremities. It allows physicians to examine blood vessels in these key areas of the body. 

Images taken during a CT are stored digitally and immediately downloaded through secured internet connection to local radiologists on the medical staff of ETMC Clarksville. In emergency or STAT situations, a radiologist can discuss results with a patient’s physician within minutes, following up with a complete transcribed report of the exam results.

In addition to the radiologists, the radiology department of ETMC Clarksville is staffed with highly credentialed healthcare professionals. “We are here for our patients 24/7, and we’re committed to the principles of ETMC WOW! – we want our guests to be so pleased with the service we provide that they say ‘WOW!’,” Dees said.

MRI can provide excellent images
MRI is also available at ETMC Clarksville. These images are also immediately downloaded to the local radiologists. MRI uses a powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses and a computer to produce detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone and virtually all other internal body structures. It can provide excellent images and additional information to physicians for a variety of diseases.

ETMC Clarksville’s diagnostic ultrasound suite offers both routine and standard sonography procedures, as well as highly sophisticated vascular imaging. “Vascular imaging capability is particularly helpful in diagnosing microvascular problems, as well as decreased blood flow issues to various structures within the body,” Dees explained.

In nuclear medicine, a tiny amount of a radioactive substance is injected into the body and examined by cameras to produce special pictures showing the structure and function of a variety of organs and tissues. ETMC Clarksville’s new dual-head Bright Star gamma camera system performs all types of routine and complex nuclear diagnostic procedures, and is particularly well designed to perform very sophisticated nuclear cardiac stress examinations. As with CT, and MRI, the results of a nuclear medicine procedure are immediately downloaded to a team of radiologists for rapid interpretation.

So, with such sophisticated technology now available, does anybody have an X-ray any more?

“Yes, we still take X-ray’s too. All types of X-rays,” Dees said. “We do them digitally now and store them electronically for ready access and comparison. The new age of technology has not left us behind at all.”