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John Roland named emergency department director

PITTSBURG, Texas – Some people seem to thrive on pressure. Dr. Roland
As a high school quarterback in Rockwall, John Roland loved the thrill of making split-second decisions that would determine a game’s outcome. Today, it’s split-second decisions in the emergency department that fuel Dr. John Roland’s passion for his job as the emergency department director for ETMC Pittsburg and ETMC Gilmer.

“I love the fast pace and being involved in the moment-to-moment decisions that you face in an emergency department,” Roland said. “There is hardly anything like the pressure of the moment. It’s really exciting.”

Though he completed his residency in family medicine, and had his own family practice early in his career, Roland says emergency medicine has always been a draw.

“I’ve always done work in the emergency department,” he said. “During my residency and early in my career, I worked in the emergency department to supplement my practice. I completed my residency in 1990 and made a full transition to the emergency department in 1995.”

Previous workHe’s worked as an emergency department physician at hospitals in Bonham, Fort Worth, Henderson and Kilgore. He served as emergency department director for Wall Regional Hospital in Cleburne from 1998 to 2003. Most recently, he served as an emergency department physician for Doctors Hospital in Dallas and North Texas Medical Center in Gainesville, where he also held the title of assistant medical director.

Roland said he was attracted to his new position because he likes being part of all hospital initiatives, not just the emergency department. For example, at a previous hospital, he was part of the stroke committee and the heart committee. That kind of involvement is just not possible at a larger facility, he said.

While he’s only been on the job for a few weeks, Roland is already setting goals for both facilities. “I want to help direct both hospitals in being rigorous treatment facilities,” he said. “When a patient is brought to the emergency department, we want to evaluate them and quickly identify conditions we can treat here and provide that treatment. Or, if we determine that they need a higher level of care, we want to prepare them for that and efficiently transfer them.”

Including the patient’s family in the care process is important to Roland as well. “I am in favor of bringing the family back and keeping them informed in what is going on. I think it helps.”

Another part of his job
Another part of his job that he enjoys is working with other physicians. He is already focusing some of his time on coordination of care to try to bring down costs for patients. “Coordinating care among the emergency department physician, the hospitalist and the primary care physician is something that is so beneficial and with the close proximity of the clinics (ETMC First Physician clinics), we can do this at both hospitals.”

Educating the public on the appropriate use of the emergency department is another way Roland hopes to help patients manage their healthcare costs. “We are here to provide care in emergency situations and we are proud to do that. But, let’s say your child has a fever; bringing your child to the emergency department may not be the most efficient way to deal with the illness. There are other less expensive options. I want to help educate the public about those options.”

“We are very excited to have Dr. Roland as our emergency department director,” said Perry Henderson, administrator of ETMC Pittsburg. “His years of experience as an emergency department physician are sure to benefit our patients and our ED staff. We count him as an asset to our hospital and our community.”

Roland said he was attracted to the Pittsburg area because “I like small communities. I like being a part of the community.” He will be relocating to the area in the near future and looks forward to getting involved in the community, especially coaching youth league football. “I love coaching football. My plate is pretty full right now, but I hope down the line to get involved in coaching again.”

Roland also stays busy with his four children: Amanda, a student at Texas State University; Beau a student at the University of Texas; Alexis, a high school student; and Olivia, who is an aspiring actress at age 10.