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New Fairfield Hospitalist program enhances patient care

ETMC Fairfield will enhance the care offered to its hospitalized patients, beginning November 1, with the introduction of two hospitalists to the medical staff. A hospitalist is a highly-trained and Fairfield Hospitalistsexperienced physician who specializes in taking care of patients during a hospital stay.

Working with the patient's physician
The hospitalist also works cooperatively with the patient’s regular physician, to ensure optimal care for the patient during and after their hospital stay. After the patient is discharged from the hospital, they return to their regular doctor for care.

Dr. Donald Head and Dr. David Latham will serve as hospitalists at ETMC Fairfield. Dr. Head is a board certified family medicine physician who has worked in emergency department care for the past 16 years, while Dr. Latham is also a board certified family medicine physician, recently working to train resident family medicine physicians.

Hospitalist's role
“A hospitalist’s role is to monitor a patient’s care at all times, ordering tests and procedures and consulting with specialists on the patient’s behalf, when needed. In their roles as hospitalists at ETMC Fairfield, Drs. Head and Latham will work to ensure our patients benefit from a high level of care throughout their hospital stay,” explained ETMC Fairfield Administrator Ruth A. “Raz” Cook, FACHE. “In case of emergency during the patient’s hospital stay, the hospitalist is never far away, and immediate action can be taken to stabilize the patient.”

During the patient’s hospital stay, the hospitalist remains in close contact with the patient’s regular physician, Mrs. Cook noted. “The medical staff of ETMC Fairfield has been very supportive of beginning the hospitalist program, and we all look forward to working together to provide our patients with the excellent care they deserve.”

ETMC Fairfield is part of the East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System – a nationally recognized system of hospitals that seeks to maximize the quality and level of care offered by each community’s hospital.