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ETMC’s Air 1 helicopter program re-accredited

Air 1ETMC’s Air 1 emergency helicopter program has been re-accredited. ETMC Regional Trauma Director Judy England says this honor was awarded after a full review and a site visit this summer by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS). “CAMTS recognizes Air 1’s successful compliance with nationally established medical transport standards,” England said. “This re-accreditation is another example of ETMC’s commitment to emergency services. We are very proud of this accomplishment.”

Air 1 joins 143 other medical transport teams in the United States to receive this recognition. Air 1 was the first air medical service in Texas to be accredited in 1994.

For over 20 years, Air 1 has been flying the skies of East Texas. “Thousands of patients have been transported by Air 1,” explained Art Chance, ETMC vice president of operations. “Reducing transportation time to a tertiary facility like ETMC Tyler’s Level 1 trauma center does save lives,” he said. “By having helicopters in this region a greater number of the severely injured patients will arrive at the trauma center within the ‘golden hour’, significantly improving their chances for recovery.”

Air 1 helicopters are stationed at ETMC Tyler, ETMC Athens and Titus Regional Medical Center in Mount Pleasant. ETMC’s helicopters include the Euro Copter BO-105, while the large one is an EC 135. Air 1 is equipped with life saving equipment for all trauma/medical patients, and travels at speeds on average of 150 mph. Air 1 averages 1,300 flights a year.