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ETMC Tyler Wound Healing Center Achieves Reaccreditation

The ETMC Tyler Wound Healing Center has achieved "A Level One Reaccreditation with Distinction" as a clinical hyperbaric medicine facility.

"Under the team leadership of medical director Dr. Stephen Rydzak and director Melissa Sikes, this stellar group of professionals obtained the highest score of 119 surveys reviewed so far by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society Accreditation Council," said W.T. Workman, UHMS director of quality assurance and regulatory affairs. "Patients undergoing hyperbaric therapy at this center are clearly receiving the best care available."

The evaluation focused on the center's use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers in the treatment of wound healing. With over 600 facilities nationwide only 75 are accredited.

"The UHMS sent an evaluation team to our center in 2007 to observe our staff and to evaluate our equipment, patient safety, general operation and standards of care," said Dr. Rydzak. "We were quite pleased that UHMS reaccredited the ETMC Tyler Wound Healing Center and `with Distinction,' clearly demonstrating that we far exceeded the minimum requirements." The use of hyperbaric oxygen chambers in the treatment of wound healing is called diving medicine because it utilizes the same technology used to treat deep-sea divers.

Patients are placed in the chambers with a pressurized, 100 percent oxygen environment that stimulates healing.

"Participating in this voluntary process affirms our commitment to provide East Texans with wound care of the highest quality," Dr. Rydzak said.

Dr. Rydzak is board certified in Internal Medicine and Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine.

Because it is a certification of distinction, the accreditation is good for four years as opposed to the standard three year term. For information about the care of chronic wounds, call (903) 526-4325 or visit